Friday, May 22, 2009

Here's to the men in my life.......

Finding the right words, for the right meaning, when it comes to the men in our life's is very hard, there is nothing simple about it. These are our loved ones, our rocks and our families. They hold together manhood for our make them better men for tomorrow and wiser fathers to their young. These are the people we look up to or watch grow up into manhood. I am proud of each and every one of these men in my life. My sons, my grandsons...our beloved fathers who has passed on....the man that marry our daughter and my wonderful loving husband. Also the men that care for our windowed mothers. GOD bless each and everyone of them. You know, it's the mothers of these men that can make them or brake them....mothers have a very important role in a boys rise our sons to be good husbands and fathers......So plant the seed in your sons and grandsons early in life..teach them what is right...teach them about a Father's love........Make it a better world for the little boys to come .................


  1. thanks for the visit.. and also for the comments,,, same with MyLifeStory....It is full of everything....LOL

  2. Very well put Debbie. Thank you for visiting my seatherapy blog.

    Your blog is fun and serious at the same time. Thank you.