Friday, May 1, 2009

I wanted to share something that is just too cute for words....laughter...So, on the YouTube link: I have here...just type in "dad at comedy barn".....go look! it's alittle want to hear the man in the is worth the wait.....then type "Funny Baby" or "evil eye baby"! Both are too cute.
From there you can laugh your head off...It makes you feel good inside. Type in "Steve Harvey introduces Jesus Christ"...knowing he is one of the kings of comedy, he's speaking about another kind of King...and he is very good at brings even him to tears as he speaks....It is a must see. "Lou Armstrong- what a wonderful world" like watching a real life Bambi movie! Can't forget "Johnny Carson show #3" oldie but a goodies, even the kids will laugh at this one!
Point is...we all should laugh more....I hope someone will see something cute and say they laughed today! Have a good one!
Other Mother

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