Friday, May 15, 2009

May God Bless America...

And America Bless God..... We are a Nation of believers. I heard the leader of this country say these words..."That America was not a nation of Christians or Jews or any other religious groups" He referred to the word "WE" as in you and I, Americans, all of us....Well, I for one will pray for our leaders....I wish he had not said "WE", because "I am part" of this country, a country that I love very much, and I am a believer of God.....I am not sure "that was" the wises words he could of used, but he did. Mr. President, please do not say "WE"....when you are talking about this country if you are not part of what this country was foundered on or any of the beliefs she was based on for more then 200 years. Our forefathers would not be proud, we have worked too hard to be free...too many lives have been lost in the name of freedom, GOD and Country. As a voter and a tax paying citizen of the United States of America, you have "no right" to say "WE" as in all AMERICANS....for WE ARE a nation of believers. It is printed on our money..(in GOD we trust)...When did you stop? I know he will not read this...but I feel better....wrong is wrong and right is right...I just had to say something,....for you have to stand for something...or you will fall for anything....I believe that's a song out here in the heartland of this nation.

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