Friday, May 1, 2009

we love unconditionally and it sure doesn't get much better than that!!!


  1. Debbie I thought I had your link to this site and I put it on my blog but, it went to another do we link to each other...I had to go back to the email you sent me to come here!

    I went to the you tube ahahah I have never heard anyone laugh like that I was dying....still am...but what did you mean by you talked about me???? I didn't get that...I watched both videos and posted them on facebook what a riot...its great for a good laugh eh?

  2. Jon it your reading this...that's why I added you tube to make you and others when we were kids...running to the bathroom! am so glad you had fun with it..just stop back in and see me more often. I will email you a link love you