Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If I had a Grandmother....................

There is nothing in the world more precious than the heart of a child. The purity of innocents as new and fresh white snow mixed with the determination of a strong carnal will, packaged with more energy in their little finger then a grandparent has in their whole body. Oh, to be able to bottle that stuff up to sale! Yet how very rich a grandparent already is even without the bottles. I am a grandmother, someone to make the memories, someone who bakes cookies and shares candy when no one is looking. Etched in my mind the visions of what a grandmother would have been if I had shared that experience as a child. A place to go where Christmas Trees "could be lit" all year long and candy canes flow everywhere. A happy place of sweet smells liked homemade bread, baked gingerbread and cinnamon rolls. Toy trucks and dolls stuffed inside the Christmas tree, toy trains on the tables and visions of glass candy jars with lids which made no noise. Maybe just a picture of my grandmother's kisses if I would have had one. I am a grandmother and in many sense of the word, another mother one who teaches and reads to the sweet innocent children that looks up to me. I don’t look down at them; I get down on one knee and look into their eyes. Things look different from their level; a sea of knees is what they see. I plan my legacy ahead of time while am able to see their faces and enthusiastic wide eyes of wonder. Yes my home is a Toyland, starting in November through January. With musical toys that move and sing all at knee high level, gum drops and canes fill the rooms. Toy trains and candy cane ribbons adorn the extra big table that even a child can sit at. I set out the good china and silverware everyone has a placemat with their name. The house turns into a magical place for children of all ages for I think I am the biggest one of all. And the saddest one too, the day everything goes back into the boxes for it’s my favorite time of year. I would keep each room of the house decorated with the innocents of children all year long just because I love the way it make me feel to see those faces which grow every year. If I would have a grandmother I hope she would have been one like I have imagined. For we come into this world naked dressed in innocent and it is that way we will leave for you can’t take your wealth and worldly goods with you. You only need the heart of a child and the faith that goes with it.

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