Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Signs of a different kind....

Out here..we have a's yout sign..
you can be standing on the side of the road..with a flat, and someone may walk up to you and say.."got a flat tire?" "nope", "bought that way"....HERE'S YOUR SIGN!
well here's to signs.....of a different nature....


  1. Hi, Debbie! I like your signs! I could really use a few of them!

    How exciting that you go to James River! My sister and her family went there for a while. It's an awesome church! John Lindell(sp?) is a wonderful pastor and excellent preacher, also.

    You asked about some soothing songs. I just searched Playlist until I found some I really liked. I believe that I searched several ways. One thing I did was search with words, such as, "classical," "instrumental,"
    "symphony," etc. I also looked for songs from movies - Anne of Green Gables, Pride & Prejudice, etc. And, finally, I searched with artists' names. I hope this helps you. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Take care, and many, many blessings to you.

    With Christ's Love,


  2. Thank you much I am learning to play with it...never thought of classical...oh well, I put some on that was touching in so way...for now. Yesy I love James River..John is still there and gong strong...I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you so much for writting me back, it made my day...