Monday, July 20, 2009

The big day..the wedding..and three day party!


  1. If there was ever an opportunity to be a member of any family but my own I would choose your family. Every picture is a picture of love and acceptance. What a rich experience it was looking at each photo and remembering all of the memories that our two families share.
    God bless you all and may God keep you in His grace and mercy until that day when we will see each other again.

  2. What a beautiful family! And a beautiful new daughter-in-law. The pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Bobbi

  3. Thank you so much....Bob, that was a outstanding thing to say to glad it was to me. Your family was part of mine years ago, guess that's why "the other mother" is so fitting for me. Love is the key and GOD "has" to 1st before anything in life can work out. For these two families, both of our kids married someone that had their parents still married to one another and each still in very much in love with each other. An outstanding start in their young marriage...acceptance just seemed to happen...and it was a wonderful thing and a joyful union.