Monday, July 20, 2009

My Son's wedding much more to come!

I really lreaned something this weekend. The love and kindness that was shared by the Jewish committee in St. Louis was over and be on the call of duty. I had a wonderful time as I learned their laws and traditions. I had never been in a Jewish temple or a Jewish wedding. It was so much fun and touching to my heart. My eyes leaked the whole day. People, all people need to see things the through eyes of love, compassion and understanding, even if it is not what you understand things to be. I took back with me so much more then I when what I came in with. Thank you for being so kind to our Christian family and friends, as we all came together and blended for those two kids, getting married and very much in love, they need the love and understanding... and "that make a family". May we all learn from one another as long as we all shall live.

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