Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Joys of being a other mother

 I became a mother in 1973 and a proprietor of a licensed childcare facility in 1980. For 14 years while raising my own four children I was raising the children of others while they were at work....that’s how I got the name The Other Mother. Now a am grandmother of eight. The seasons of my life have taught me various things, like how enthusiastic children can be. Look into the eye's of this beautiful baby boy, he was a gift from God for I begged for his life as he was not planned. Now he is a blessing to all who see him. The next step is to find him a appropriate daycare. Like most families his mother must work to provide for him. This is choice is very important because he is learning a lot about life though the people that influenced him. All childcare facilities are not equal. Not to say they all are bad, this blog is a being redesigned to effectively deal with those issues. Your children are the most valuable investment you have, I hope my talents, experience and appropriate wisdom helps you to choose wisely. Remember in this game, there is no "do overs".

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