Monday, August 16, 2010

One of the Other Mother's kids

What a joy it is to have been part of something so wonderful...someone life. A young girl in the 2nd grade befriended my daughter so many years ago. She spent as much time as she could in our home and we loved her as own own. She was a wayward child with wild ideas, trouble sure should of claimed her. But because she felt like she belonged in a family that was not her own we never saw the wild side. I watched her grow from child to young teenager, then from teenager to a young woman....she always called me mom. Then one day we moved away....she fell in love and married and again came looking for our house where she felt so at home. She did, she found us in Missouri and made a three day drive to see us. Sadly that marriage did not last and she was very angry and was  never going to have children, no not her...she didn't even like kids. To my surprise this young lady has gown up just fine, she put away her wild side and remarried a man who help to make her the woman she is today..a wonderful mommy to her own baby girl. She still calls me from time to time and yes I miss her too. She calls me her mom..Me? the lady that had the pool, the basketball court and all the kids. The home of the other mother...a childcare home where cookies were baked and broken heart healed. A place were teenagers wanted to live even though we had rules and said grace. A 2nd grade little girl from a troubled home took refuse  in ours, a loving home and because she could , we made a difference in her life. That is what "The Other Mother" was....just the other mother. I have four children of my own and eight grandchildren to this day, I have many, many children that were in my care for all the years ...most of which I speak to today. They are grown ups with children of their own now. I am so blessed to have had those years.......and that time in my life counting. Our children count, they don't ask to be born and they can't pick out their families. There is no book you can read that tells you how to be a good mother or father. Children don't want to they have to go to a childcare,  mom and dad have to work so there is no choice.....But you can make the choice to pick the right daycare for your child. I plan to post my ideas on that matter at another time.

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