Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fish, School and Bloggers...............

Everyone knows how to blog right? After all it’s the latest means of talking, so they say. That is of course if you happen to know how to blog in the first place. You have to have an idea what you’re fishing for and where to fish. Blogging the “Peeping Tom” party line of sorts available to you on the internet and don’t we all love it? No one has to know that “you looked” through that open window of that new blogger while she was pouring her heart out to an unseen world full of salt water fish, easy prey when you’re a fresh water fish swimming where you don’t belong. So the question is can salt water and fresh water fish live together? Mostly not for oil and vinegar do not mix. However there are a lot of good bloggers out there and as “fair fisherman” do they throw the smaller ones back? Not everyone knows how to blog, they may not know what they are doing right or wrong. It is a hit and miss kind of game some can play with their eyes close some have to work at it a little more. The first time I tried to blog I thought this is not for me and it was by a dare that I continued. Now I love it and enjoy the game but I have learned something too. Some blog like scrapbooking, others blog like writing, everyone is different with something to share.  We are all fish, some fresh water not fully schooled and others deep salt fish those that can do anything. The idea is fish in groups are called schools...We learn in school and for some of us we are in school while we are blogging. Be kind and throw the small ones back…we are all gifted differently. You big fish out there, be a good fisherman, be kind while the rest of us little fish are still in schools.

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