Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marriage Second Time 001 with Kids

You’re looking for a bigger bright future and a new beginning. . It’s a family affair now. It started the day you met; each of you brought something to your new relationship. It’s not a chess game no one wins but everyone losses if you don’t play fair. When you set around the dinner table take a good look at all those faces and smiles for they will change from time to time. Every chair will sit a person big or small each with hopes, dreams, fears and anticipation. Take a deep breath and say “I love you and your children”. “This is Marriage Second Time 001 with Kids”. Follow a few simple rules and you’re sure to get an “A” plus a happy ever after to go with it. Rule #1) it doesn’t matter who brought the children into this new union they come as a team, so be a team player. Ask any Monday Night Football player and they will tell you “we work as a team” there would not be Monday Night Football without a team. #2) love is thicker then blood, no one is born hating or disliking we are taught. Love is powerful because it is a tool and it can always be used. You can choose to like someone so much, that it turns into love while you’re not looking. Children have no say but whatever choices their parents’ make it will trickle down. Let the children be part of something wonderful, the two of you. Take them on outings, picnics, walks or to the park and just play. Develop the ground rules from the beginning be partners. In doing so means not taking sides and not fighting in front of them. It’s ok to disagree. United you stand divided you fall.

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